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Up up and away

I”m leaving on a jet plane and will be back again.  Maybe I’ll daydream about new decor and design ideas during the flight.

Just off and away to see some family for the next few days, so I don’t think I’ll have much time to post.

But if I get a quick second I’ll stop by to say hello.

Have a great week everyone!


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There’s something about Mary

Today I got a chance to meet one of the most sought after designers, Mary McDonald.  The LA based designer was at the Houston Design Center to talk about her new book The Allure of Style.

I adore many of Mary’s rooms.  One of my favourite’s is her gorgeous office.

But Mary says the colour was getting pretty dirty, so she decided to paint the office grey and white instead.   To my relief, Mary told me she kept that fabulous Fretwork table, which she says is actually six feet long!

“When you buy something you love, you will always love it, no matter the price,” says Mary.

So based on that advice, Mary says if you love something and can afford it, you should buy it.  “Be outside the box, don’t worry about what are they doing.”

Mary calls herself a high end hoarder. She loves to collect little silver vintage cups to store her office supplies in.

I got a chance to chit chat with Mary after a slideshow presentation of her designs to find out more about her .

Mary and I

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Mary was so friendly and vivacious.

My first question was how India influences her design style.  “Oh you must go to India!” she replied.  Mary especially recommends Rajasthan for its colour, artisans and history.  Textiles, marble and camel bone furniture are just some of the items Mary brings over from India.  She loves to infuse a little bohemian style into her rooms, if the client wants it.  It was Mary’s love for saris that led to her using them in her styling.  She says she owns many saris, but hasn’t quite figured out how to keep it on properly.  “I”m always fidgeting with it.”

I think she looks really classy in one. Don’t you think?

The colours of her saris translates in the burst of colours she uses in clients homes.

Some of her other loves are white rooms paired with a bright colour because she says it is very “crisp and fresh.”

She also loves painted floors and stripes.  “I”m from LA, we do wierd things,” says Mary.  But really there is nothing wierd about her.

Mary’s style is classic with a mix of the modern that make her a coveted designer.

Her parting advice to me was, “Goodluck with your blog and it taking over your life!”

If all my days are like this, then I’ll be quite happy letting it do just that.


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Ohhhh Canada

I am a big fan of HGTV.  Whenever I watch, there’s always some good ideas to store away in my brain for a rainy day.

I get a lot of inspiration from Sarah Richardson’s soft and charming rooms.

Call me bias, but I think Canadian designers are so very stylish and come up with some really chic ideas!  Maybe it’s because I am a fellow canuck!

Speaking of Canada look at the Maple Leaf red in this sleek office.

I’m loving the sparkly sunburst mirror and tiles in this bathroom.  Instead of getting ready quickly, I would linger in this room for hours.

I wanted to paint my family room this bold purple. But I ended up painting them a charcoal grey with beautiful rich purple soaring curtains instead.  If you are afraid to go the whole distance with a favourite colour, then bring in hints of it through accessories.

This bedroom is so very hollywood glam!  I love the wallpaper and the white chandelier. I’m hoping to transform my brass one into something like this.

When I was first trying to figure out what colour to paint my used dining chairs,  I came across this picture and I was hooked! At first I was apprehensive about painting the chair white (we eat a lot of curry filled Indian food) but I got over it once I sprayed the chair with a matte protective finish.

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Time Flies…

Hello everyone.

I had another busy weekend!  But even still I found the time to keep up with my home projects.

Today job number one was to finish spraying my new/old coffee table.  Old because I found it on craiglist, but I loved its lines. New because it now looks like a Moroccan inspired piece.

It was a big pain to finish though because aside from sanding, priming and painting it, I also ended up picking off the bits of paint that ended up sneaking onto the glass.  I had covered it with paper and tape, but somehow the spray paint ended up spotting the glass anyways!  After some frustrated scratching at it with a screw driver, I went online and discovered the paint would disappear with a little nail polish remover. And voila the glass on the table looked clear again.

Check out the finished product in my Frumpy to Fab section. I will take a better picture soon. I can’t wait to get a glam tray to corral the many remotes we seem to have for the various technology I am still trying to figure out how to use! Plus the table would look so pretty with vase of bright pink peonies.

My second project today was suppose to be to finish putting nailheads on my reupholstered dining chairs….but I never got around to it!  Ah time flies when you are having fun with home decor.

Still it got me thnking about where else these lovely little pins could go.

Berhardt Interiors

I’m loving the pink on this piece that I found at Honey & Fitz.

Look how a simple Ikea cabinet can be transformed.

Nickey Kehoe

Deco Designers

The curvy shapes of this headboard reminded me of Morocco and so did this room.


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Regal Rajasthan

There is something so beautiful and captivating about Rajasthan. It is one place that is on my list of destinations to visit.

The rich textiles and vibrant history, make it a visual paradise.

I like to incorporate the patterns and textures from Indian fabrics and art, into my design plans to tell the story of my South Asian heritage.

Some bold and beautiful colours that Indian women are known to wear.

C Bazaar

How would you bring these hues into your home?

Jonathan Adler

Schumacher Fabric

Check back here to see how I have brought my heritage into my home and how you can incorporate a little bit of far away lands into yours too. Coming up in the next few days, you will also learn what glam designer loves to wear Indian fashions.

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Out and about

Lately I have been on this whole chinoiserie kick.  I’m not sure why, but I think it’s the element of the exotic and the bright colours.

So when a friend asked me to help her do a complete makeover of her home office, I had big plans.

First off I wanted to incorporate lots of Chinoiserie elements to give the room a well traveled feel.

I set out to find accessories and furniture pieces today that would go well with the look.  And even though I didn’t come home with anything, it did get me brainstorming!

The colour of this pretty tin was a good starting point.

I would probably paint this a turquoise blue with white legs. It would be ideal to store away papers and files.

And this bookshelf would be an unbelievably chic way to store books and accessories.

I would love to give this a fresh coat of paint, maybe orange, or white like this one on Tobi Fairley’s blog.

Dorothy Draper

How about this as some shelf art?

Lonny Magazine

This aqua credenza would also go perfectly in the office.

Room Service

If you have such gorgeous pieces in your home office, there would be numerous ways to hide all the clutter and keep the space clean and chic.

The last find of the day was this pretty side table.  I’d love to paint it two tones to really make the pattern stand out.

Dorothy Draper


Check back here at Glam at Home for the complete office makeover.  Till then, keep living your passion, as I dream about design and decor.

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Signs of Spring

Even though I don’t have a green thumb, as a new homeowner, I am starting to notice the little details in the gardens around me.

The one plant that stands out the most this time of year, are the hot pink Azaleas.

This joyous colour seems to be everywhere I go.  Today I was wandering around the mall and as soon as I saw these, I just had to have them!

This colour makes me feel refreshed and really puts a spring in my step.

Fuschia has been on my mind for a while now and I had been thinking of ways to incorporate into our guest room. Keep checking in to Glam at Home to see where I end up putting this vibrant hue.

I like some of these ideas too, but not sure my hubbie will be ok with a full room of this shade. Ahhh a girl can dream though right?

If you want some of this colour, but don’t want to go all the way, you could incorporate some pretty flowers or a few accents.

The Pink Pagoda

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