So Divine

Every morning while I”m having my tea, I turn on the TV to record any episodes of Divine Design that I have not seen. (There aren’t many).

The show is hosted by designer Candice Olson, who now hosts Candice Tells All.  Just when you think she can’t think of anything more fabulous than the last room…she does!

The looks she goes for is very soft and pretty.  Candice uses a lot of mirrors to bounce around light from the fabulous crystal chandeliers she finds.

Her rooms are inspiration for my own home.

If I am talking about a design idea, I will usually end up mentioning Candice Olson.

How can I not? Her look is all about glimmer and glam, shimmer and shine.

She would fit right in here at Glam at Home.

This kitchen is so crisp and clean. I wanted white cabinets in my kitchen, but with all the Indian food I make maybe it’s not a good idea!  The white makes the kitchen feel so open and airy and you can decorate with almost any colour accessories.

Tall cielings covered in shimmery large print damask.   It took me a while, but I finally found this Ronald Redding Wallcovering and hope to get it on my walls soon!


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