Treasure Hunting

My office is currently beige and very bland.

But that is all going to change.

The first thing I need to do is get rid of the awful looking desk and replace it with something with more space and also with better curves.  We’ll talk more about office design in a future post.

So off I went to the local resale shop today in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough.

And although I didn’t end up getting anything big, I did find quite a few small knick knacks.

The first thing I spotted were this set of four dining chairs at $10 a piece!  I was tempted to buy them.

I briefly daydreamed about painting them with a glossy finish and reupholstering the seats, like Samantha Pynn’s…

…but then I quickly pictured my hubbie asking me why the heck I bought them when we already had a perfectly good dining set.  Ah it’s hard to pass up a good deal!  But the key here is to get pieces that will fit into the home you already have. It was tough to walk away.

Next this fancy mirror caught my eye.   This too would look updated with a colourful laquered finish.

But I had to move on, because yet again I did not have a need for it. I am though, looking for a longer mirror for my dining area, but I will share more on that in a later post.

I was making my way towards the exit, when some little birdie called my name.

What does a brass heron have to do with home decor you ask?

It completely reminded me of Hollywood Regency style!!  I think I”ll spray it white or maybe I”ll leave it as is. We”ll have to see how it fits into the rest of my decor.  Stylist Emily Henderson used a similar one in her recent episode.  Take a look.

I couldn’t resist, I just had to buy it, for such a great price. I can just picture it on one of my bookshelves.  I love to read, so I need to break up the lines of books, with objects d’art.

And that wasn’t all. I also came across these little vases.

They would go so well in a Chinoiserie room with Schumacher’s Chiang Mai fabric pillows.

Ahhhh what a fabulous room that would be!!  Once I finally get to working on the outside of my house, hopefully I”ll have some pretty flowers to put in these vases on a white floating shelf.

Now that’s the way to welcome Spring!

The last thing I happily came home with today was a shabby cork board for $3.  I knew I could give it new life with a quick upholstery job.  We have too many papers and way too many bills, so they need to be organized in some way. This is kind of what I’m picturing. This is Jenny’s from Little Green Notebook.


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  1. loved this post. enjoyed it very much. thank you for the tips. and the photos. im heading out to thrift stores next i swear. something i would’ve neverrrrrrr done.

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