Time Flies…

Hello everyone.

I had another busy weekend!  But even still I found the time to keep up with my home projects.

Today job number one was to finish spraying my new/old coffee table.  Old because I found it on craiglist, but I loved its lines. New because it now looks like a Moroccan inspired piece.

It was a big pain to finish though because aside from sanding, priming and painting it, I also ended up picking off the bits of paint that ended up sneaking onto the glass.  I had covered it with paper and tape, but somehow the spray paint ended up spotting the glass anyways!  After some frustrated scratching at it with a screw driver, I went online and discovered the paint would disappear with a little nail polish remover. And voila the glass on the table looked clear again.

Check out the finished product in my Frumpy to Fab section. I will take a better picture soon. I can’t wait to get a glam tray to corral the many remotes we seem to have for the various technology I am still trying to figure out how to use! Plus the table would look so pretty with vase of bright pink peonies.

My second project today was suppose to be to finish putting nailheads on my reupholstered dining chairs….but I never got around to it!  Ah time flies when you are having fun with home decor.

Still it got me thnking about where else these lovely little pins could go.

Berhardt Interiors

I’m loving the pink on this piece that I found at Honey & Fitz.

Look how a simple Ikea cabinet can be transformed.

Nickey Kehoe

Deco Designers

The curvy shapes of this headboard reminded me of Morocco and so did this room.



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