Ohhhh Canada

I am a big fan of HGTV.  Whenever I watch, there’s always some good ideas to store away in my brain for a rainy day.

I get a lot of inspiration from Sarah Richardson’s soft and charming rooms.

Call me bias, but I think Canadian designers are so very stylish and come up with some really chic ideas!  Maybe it’s because I am a fellow canuck!

Speaking of Canada look at the Maple Leaf red in this sleek office.

I’m loving the sparkly sunburst mirror and tiles in this bathroom.  Instead of getting ready quickly, I would linger in this room for hours.

I wanted to paint my family room this bold purple. But I ended up painting them a charcoal grey with beautiful rich purple soaring curtains instead.  If you are afraid to go the whole distance with a favourite colour, then bring in hints of it through accessories.

This bedroom is so very hollywood glam!  I love the wallpaper and the white chandelier. I’m hoping to transform my brass one into something like this.

When I was first trying to figure out what colour to paint my used dining chairs,  I came across this picture and I was hooked! At first I was apprehensive about painting the chair white (we eat a lot of curry filled Indian food) but I got over it once I sprayed the chair with a matte protective finish.


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