There’s something about Mary

Today I got a chance to meet one of the most sought after designers, Mary McDonald.  The LA based designer was at the Houston Design Center to talk about her new book The Allure of Style.

I adore many of Mary’s rooms.  One of my favourite’s is her gorgeous office.

But Mary says the colour was getting pretty dirty, so she decided to paint the office grey and white instead.   To my relief, Mary told me she kept that fabulous Fretwork table, which she says is actually six feet long!

“When you buy something you love, you will always love it, no matter the price,” says Mary.

So based on that advice, Mary says if you love something and can afford it, you should buy it.  “Be outside the box, don’t worry about what are they doing.”

Mary calls herself a high end hoarder. She loves to collect little silver vintage cups to store her office supplies in.

I got a chance to chit chat with Mary after a slideshow presentation of her designs to find out more about her .

Mary and I

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Mary was so friendly and vivacious.

My first question was how India influences her design style.  “Oh you must go to India!” she replied.  Mary especially recommends Rajasthan for its colour, artisans and history.  Textiles, marble and camel bone furniture are just some of the items Mary brings over from India.  She loves to infuse a little bohemian style into her rooms, if the client wants it.  It was Mary’s love for saris that led to her using them in her styling.  She says she owns many saris, but hasn’t quite figured out how to keep it on properly.  “I”m always fidgeting with it.”

I think she looks really classy in one. Don’t you think?

The colours of her saris translates in the burst of colours she uses in clients homes.

Some of her other loves are white rooms paired with a bright colour because she says it is very “crisp and fresh.”

She also loves painted floors and stripes.  “I”m from LA, we do wierd things,” says Mary.  But really there is nothing wierd about her.

Mary’s style is classic with a mix of the modern that make her a coveted designer.

Her parting advice to me was, “Goodluck with your blog and it taking over your life!”

If all my days are like this, then I’ll be quite happy letting it do just that.



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2 responses to “There’s something about Mary

  1. Alisha

    Wow! That’s awesome Rina! You look great!

  2. Anupama

    Oh my gosh- soo jealous! Btw love this whole thing you’ve got going for yourself- I’ve got to check it out more often- Houston’s very own design/creative genius. Bravo!

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