This is not a mirage

Whenever I need a break from work, my first escape is usually a thrif shop.  Lucky for me, there are so many around here!

After wandering around and not finding anything promising, I spotted this ornate little piece.

Syroco Wall Shelf

This Italian gold painted Syroco shelf is $60 on ebay, but I found it for a mere five dollars!

It is looking a bit shabby, but I plan to give it new life with a coat of white lacquer and top it with those little blue chinoiserie fishies I found way back.

I also saw a shabby looking side table. But it had a beautiful Moroccan looking design in the middle, kind of like this.

Moroccan Table

The pattern kind of reminded me of vibrant mosaic tiles.

Just stunning!  These colours would instantly refresh you in the hot desert sun.

So that got me thinking about how to incorporate a more modern version of the exotic into my decor.

Younes Duret Design

Taylor Llorente

Taylor Llorente

You can even jazz up your walls with a pretty trellis like Graciela Rutkowski did here with Kelly Wearstler’s wallcovering.  I don’t think I would ever leave this bathroom!

Kelly Wearstler

Or give floating shelves some extra character…

Samantha Pynn

I love all of these ideas, but my husband has unfortunately put a block on anymore projects until I have completed the chandelier and the nightstand currently sitting in our hallway.  I guess I can’t blame him since I”m always finding inspiration everywhere I go!


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