So much design, so little time

The weekend is here and instead of resting and relaxing, I”ll be busy doing projects around the house. There’s the old chandelier that needs to be sprayed, the picture frame that needs fixing, the nightstand that needs sanding and painting and the floating shelf that need to be put up.  Oh and I still need to find a desk.

I’m sure I’m still missing a few things off that to-do list!  Let’s hope I’m able to get atleast some of this completed.

To plan ahead, I decided to buy the supplies for the nightstand today.  So I went to look for paint and I decided to go with a burst of colourful fuchsia.


It’s a pretty bold choice, but the guest bedroom has shimmery grey curtains and a white blanket on the bed. So I figured the room could use a bright colour to give it some spark.  This would not fly in the master bedroom, but I figure I can get away with it in the other room. hehe.

I”ll post before and after pictures here soon!

On to my next project. I went hunting around  for a paint colour for the office. I was initially afraid to experiment too much, but now I figure, what the heck let’s give it a go!

I happened to see this Design by Color wallpaper and really loved the little metallic spots it had.

Design by Color

Design by Color

Since I’m going for a Chinoiserie sort of theme, I thought the blue would look great with a punch of orange.

This room is really going to make a statement (hopefully).

Aside from all this, I ignored my hubbie’s little rule about no more projects and went ahead and did a little snooping around.  I’ve been looking for a credenza or dresser with nice lines, which I can transform into a television console. Well it must be my lucky day because I found a very affordable faux bamboo one that just needs a little love and a fresh coat of paint.  Luckily when I told my husband about my little plan, he was ok with it. Gone are the days when he would question my every idea. I think he finally has some proof around this place that I can turn bland into grand.

I can’t wait to get my hand on this dusty piece and make it look brand new!!

Now my next challenge is figuring out how to get it home.


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