Pretty in Pink

It’s been a busy weekend of spring cleaning and DIY projects.

I finally got around to the nightstand that had been sitting in my hallway for the last few months.


I fell in love with this pretty colour after seeing it on a plush chair at High Fashion Home.

High Fashion Home

And even though I couldn’t afford this beauty, I thought why not atleast incorporate this colour into my guest bedroom. The room has pretty grey curtains and I want to paint the walls a light grey. So I think this hot pink will really make a statement.

Here’s the finished product.


What do you think…girly or glam?

I also finished getting the nailhead trim onto my refinished dining chairs.

I feel like I was constantly moving over the weekend trying to get these projects and many others done. But atleast I accomplished what I set out to do and my home is looking a bit more glam because of it!


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One response to “Pretty in Pink

  1. sadna

    I love the details, punch and pizzaz that these chairs and cabinet now have after you refinished them! Wow!

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