Love is in the air

I am on cloud nine today. It is just one of my happy days. Do you ever have those?

Things seem to be going my way. I’m not talking big life changers, but just sweet little surprises like not getting stuck in traffic or sharing a smile with your loved one.

Today I’m pumped up and ready to take on the world. For me it’s life’s little gifts that keep me motivated.

For the last few days I have had my heart set on finding a faux bamboo piece. I didn’t know how long it would take to find one, but it was just one of those things that got stuck in my head.

So step one was to stop at a resale shop that someone told me about yesterday. No luck there. Then passed another resale shop on the way to work, but it was closed. Did a craigslist search, still nothing.

On the way home from work, I thought I would take a little detour and check out one more place my husband had mentioned. And as soon as I walked in, we locked eyes. Me and these fabulous faux bamboo nightstands that is. 😉

The stars aligned in my favour today. I nearly did a cartwheel out of sheer happiness when I saw these. You design folks out there probably understand where I”m coming from…the rest of the world would have thought I was nuts!

My discovery look nearly identical to these.

Circa Who

Except mine have slightly different pulls and are a dull yellow. They were only $25 a piece!

That all will change once I give it a glossy coat of lacquer.

Perhaps turquoise??

Sada Atelier

Okkkk enough about my fabulous find.

Yesterday I promised to show you the lovely papers that reminded me of my wedding.

Well here they are.

Paper Source

Paper Source

Do you see any resemblance to this?

These pics of my mehndi or henna, were taken by my extremely talented cousin Neal.

I love paisley, probably because of seeing it so many times in saris and bride’s beautifully designed hands. It can look very exotic and beautiful when it’s got the right colour combo.

Incorporating my South Asian heritage into my design style is important to me.

I’d love to get some of these papers to frame up and put in my rooms to add a dash of colour. I also want to get this black and white shot of me on my wedding day, up in a frame, with some of that lovely paisley decorative paper as a backdrop.

Your house should be a reflection of your life and your taste. And these pics showcase one of the happiest days in my life, so it’s nice to look at and remind myself of the great love I share with my husband, when he’s nagging me about my latest purchase. hehe.

Have a good night everyone!



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2 responses to “Love is in the air


    LOVE IT! I really want to add some color to our built-in shelves now!!!

  2. sadna

    A beautiful mind and imagination to make a house into a HOME that is who you are Rina! I love your ideas! Thanks

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