May I have your order Monsieur?

Any home I see is a blank canvas waiting to be painted.

This is especially true in my newly acquired home.  Every morning I look around wondering what my next project will be and every night before I fall asleep I am thinking of how to make it happen.

I like to keep a mental inventory so that one day I can get to all these plans.

One of them is to build a banquette in the corner of our kitchen.  Even though we already have a long table, it would be even better to have extra seating for parties when one of our friends comes and makes his special mango martinis. Yum!

Here’s some chic banquettes that are so very drool worthy!

I love the combination of the pastries and the Valentine red tufting.  I feel like I”m sitting in a Paris cafe.  It’s so girly.

The combo of beige and blue in this Tobi Fairley banquette really gives it a soothing feel. A place to really relax and share a quiet conversation.

But it’s not necessary to stick to neutral colours.  Here a shimmery blue really ads a glam look.


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