God Save the Queen

Every morning I wake up, brush my teeth and head to the kitchen for some breakfast.  And that always includes a nice cuppa tea.  Never coffee, just a mug of Tetley with milk and sugar.

I turn on the TV and each morning show seems to be counting down the days till the Royal wedding. Will and Kate.  The hair, the guestlist, the DRESS.

Americans seem to be enamored with this nuptial.

I am mildy amused by it and although I won’t be waking up at the crack of dawn to watch it, I will try to catch tid bits of the re-runs later in the day.

Afterall  I did grow up with a strong British influence.

My Mom lived in London from her teen years till she met my Dad, who was also living there at the time.

Marks and Spencer biscuits, crisps (chips), chips (french fries) and tube (subway) were all part of my vocabulary and so were numerous trips back to England.

In fact, I have even toured the Queen’s very own home, Buckingham Palace, when she opened it to visitors.  Of course it’s a very opulent place with lots of colour, gold and fanfare.

So because of my Brit connection, I decided to take a look at some Brit inspired rooms and furniture.

I love the primary colours of red and blue together on this white chair.

Teo Jasmin

Check out the rich velvet on this chair.

Jane Hornsby

And what’s more British than tea time?  Next time you are at the flea market or thrift shop, pick up some pretty tea cups to put flowers in.

Selina Lake

How about pouring some tea from this adorable pot?  It reminds me of my cutie niece…she loves elephants!

Jonathan Adler

Maybe the Royal couple will get a cake with a strand of pearls fit for a princess.

If you’re not into too much girly girl decor, how about adding a quirky clock?

All Modern

Because every woman deserves to be treated like a queen sometimes right?


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