Knick Knacks

I grew up in a pretty sleepy little town. It has changed quite a bit since then, but at the time, there wasn’t much to do.

So my sisters and I and the two little girls down the street, came up with ways to entertain ourselves.

We would venture into the backfield to search for tadpoles and build tunnels in the snow.

We also made bead bracelets and other little trinkets like rock people with googly eyes. Pretty cool eh?

Don’t ask me why, but these were pretty popular and easy to make.
Needless to say my taste has changed since then.

Our company which sold these items was called Knick Knacks and it was our first venture as entrepreneurs.

A table was set up on the driveway and the local kids would come check out what we had on sale.

Today the mention of the word knick knacks brings back fond memories of my childhood and gives me a little chuckle!

So today when I was roaming around the resale shop, I couldn’t help but remember knick knacks as I saw these little well… knick knacks!

This cute brass horse would be perfect on the shelf in a kiddie’s room…

…or on a chic shelf like this one in model Coco Rocha’s apartment. Ohhh I just LOVE the bass against the blue!

I also spotted this pretty vintage red candy bowl.

I could just picture it in one of these displays.

I think I’m getting a sugar rush just by looking at all these sweets!

These candies are not only yummy, but also make for colourful decoration.

Next time you are planning a party why not add in a fun little candy buffet bar and incorporate some cool vintage finds.

Or you can do the same for your wedding reception. Afterall what better way to share the day with your sweetheart, than with some sweets?


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