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Busy busy

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I’m still working away here on my many projects, but I”ll be posting some soon.

Talk to you then.


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Pattern Power

I am just itching for the weekend to start!

And tomorrow at 2pm I”ll be doing the happy dance because that’s when it will begin.

Although I should be resting and relaxing, I’ll be busy with home projects. But I don’t mind because it will be fun.

A couple projects include painting the office (FINALLY), finishing my Moroccan motif and dropping off the supplies for my tufted headboard. Yayyyy!!

Meanwhile I’ve been hitting the thrift and also high end shops to find inspiration and ideas.

I”m loving vibrant patterns right now.

There’s so much you can do with these fabrics.

High Fashion Home

High Fashion Home

I dream of turning these into pillow cases and quirky chair covers.


I saw these cute ones at Homesense and I was SO tempted to buy them!



Since my bedroom is also undergoing a transformation, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for pretty fabrics, blankets, etc.

I also have the very functional, but fairly boring Ikea bookshelf in my office. I’ve been trying to think of ways to add a little pizzazz and I think I found one solution.

Instead of dealing with sticky glue and expensive wallpaper, I can get some fancy schmancy looking fabrics and put them BEHIND my shelves!!

High Fashion Home

A nail and a hammer is all it takes.


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Making Headlines

Today we bid adieu to The Oprah Winfrey Show. *sniff*.

I’ll miss seeing her smiley face on the tube. Unlike many other talk show hosts, Oprah managed to stay away from girlfriend/boyfriend on-camera fist fights and instead enlightened us with heartening stories about everyday heros, love and friendship.

She made us feel like we could always be better and motivated us to go ahead and try.

Usually after an Oprah show, you will feel more beautiful and more driven. And it was not just about bettering ourselves, it was also about improving our homes.

Here’s a look at some lovely rooms I found in her O Magazine.

It’s always fun to look through magazines and imagine what we can do with our casa. Appreciating the roof over your head, is even more important today as so many around the world and here in the United States do not have one.

In Joplin, Missouri a tornado flattened a part of their town and killed close to 125.

Now survivors shift through the rubble looking for family members and any pictures and items from their past. The video footage is astounding and makes me shudder.

You can help the people there through the American Red Cross.

Tonight when you lay in bed and look up at the cieling, say a little extra prayer for the people who have lost so much.

Talk to you all tomorrow.


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Lamp Lovin

Whenever I hit the thrfit shops looking for a desk (yup still havn’t found one!) I come across all these vintage brass lamps.

They are pretty boring and it’s easy to walk right past them…unless you are good at catching a diamond in the rough.

So for $5 I picked one up and have decided to give it a blast of colour.

I love the idea of a pretty turquoise set against white walls.

Or against choclate brown.

Ok I clearly love turquoise.

How about a shot of yellow.

Green is glam too.

I can easily take my brass and boring lamp to a new look with a can of paint and a new shade to replace the dusty old one.

I’ll post pics of the new one as soon as I’m done!

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Black, White and a Little Extra Something

I’m really feeling black and white combined with pops of juicy colours like yellows, oranges and turquoise.

It reminds me of a very chic hollyood style.

This room simply makes me go weak in the knees.

Marcus Design

Got any old pics, kids artwork, interesting tid bits lying around? Make it into your own personal gallery.

Jonathan Adler

What’s not to love about yellow faux bamboo chairs!

Jonathan Adler

Whaddya think?

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Girly Glam

Canadian designer Samantha Pynn never fails to disappoint.

I was checking out Style at Home’s website and fell for her feminine rooms.

Style at Home

I am a sucker for turquoise foo dogs.

Can you believe this is the same set-up, but what a change with that Farrow & Ball wallcovering.

Style at Home

If my hubbie didn’t have a say in it, I’d probably go for soft and pretty for the office.

Style at Home

If only I could find a curvy mirror like this!

Style at Home

I’m feeling very relaxed after looking at these pretty rooms.  Sweet dreams everyone!

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Big and Bold

I am almost ready for my big moroccan motif wall reveal! It has taken a while to complete because well I am a busy woman. 😛

But in the meantime I thought I’d share this blog find.

Gorgeous Shiny Things took painting a wall to a whole new level with this gutsy project. And it turned out incredible!

No this is not wallpaper, she DREW this Chiang Mai with a grid. Talk about talent!

Gorgeous Shiny Things

I”m not sure I am as brave to try this out, but it’s fun to look at right?


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