Once Upon a Time

I am back from the out of town wedding. And even though I was busy, I still managed to find the time to watch some of the Royal wedding. My husband rolled his eyes, but I was watching history in the making and it was making me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Needless to say the union has caused the popularity of the monarchy to skyrocket.

The wedding was perfect and so very romantic.

And the dress!!  Designers the world over are scurrying around frantically trying to recreate this soft and classic Alexander McQueen number.

It was regal and modern all at once.  And bride’s to-be are probably figuring out where to get one like it.

I”m so relieved to hear that strapless wedding dress might finally be making an exit.  Arms covered with delicate lace is so lady-like.  Lace reminds me of all that is traditional and vintage.

Brocade Home

What do you think? Are you getting married soon and hoping to get a lacy and lovely dress?


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