Where are you from?

I’m still in wedding mode for some reason. There are so many ways to divert from the spectacular wedding millions witnessed.

Which got me thinking. The world is so culturally diverse, so there are so many ways to get married.

Plus incorporating your heritage into your marriage will make it unique.
I like to also bring my South Asian background into my home decor as well! Check out the Glam in my Home section to see how I”ve done that.

Lisa Ling also brought her Asian culture into her special day. Her wedding planner was able to pick up these vibrant paper lanters from LA’s chinatown.

Lisa Ling Reception

Actress Parminder Nagra gave a touch of Indian hues with this peacock feather at her wedding reception.

Parminder Nagra

Add a touch of the quirky and colourful with this Mexican theme.

Santa Barbara Wedding Guide

Or how about a little trip to Russia?

When I was little, there was a show on television called Polka Dot Door. All the Canadians around my age know what I am talking about. And while the characters on the show were busy worrying about what happened to Polkaroo, I was hatching plans to find the little Russian dolls displayed in the background. I guess my Dad caught on to the fact that I wanted these and he somehow found some of these nest dolls for me. Thanks Dad!

So when I saw these cute little cake pops, I thought it was a unique idea for a Russian bride or for any doll lovers out there!

Clare O'Connell

Planning a unique and memorable wedding doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You just need to be creative.

Speaking of using your artsy side, pop over to my Frumpy to Fab section to see my latest faux bamboo makeover. Maybe your next piece of “trash” can also turn into a treasure.

Happy spring cleaning everyone!


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