Colour Me Happy

It’s spring so time to let the bright colours of nature take over.

I’m hoping to infuse some bold hues into my home office. Yes yes I know I’ve been going on about the office for a while now, but it’s the first room in the house that you see when you come in, so I want to make it pop!

I have a lot of Chinoiserie pieces so I think something like this would work.

Black & Spiro

I am ALMOST done my stencil work in the art niche, so I will do the big reveal soon. But the work was much easier than I thought and now I am quite tempted to do the same on an accent wall of the office. Of course the wall space is a lot larger and I”ll probably be cursing myself part way through, but the idea of having a crisp neutral coloured wall with a bold coloured design, makes me want to do it.

Somebody please talk me out of this before I grab a paintbrush!

Black & Spiro

Black & Spiro

I’m just drawn to bold and bright colours. Whenever I hit the mall (it’s been a while) I’m always drawn to the outfit with the most splash.


But I would anchor it all with a nice dark, plush chair for my future clients.

Black & Spiro

Anyone want to visit?


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