Bright and Beautiful

I caught a bit of a Nate Berkus episode recently and I was blown away by guest designer Jill Sorensen.

She loves colour and is not afraid to use it. Her house is a sheer rainbow of colours and it really gave me the little extra push I needed to experiment.

And not only is Sorensen making our lives more colourful one room at a time, she’s also making positive changes. She co-founded a charity called Knock out Abuse, to help victims of abuse. She has even brought her talent to shelters making them feel more like home. If you have a lot of talent, why not share it with the world? Designers with a cause, how fantastic is that?

Here’s some of the rooms that I simply ADORE! This orange is soothing and bold at the same time.

Marmalade Interiors


Marmalade Interiors

Marmalade Interiors

This desk was a shabby beige earlier, but Sorensen transformed it into this gorgeous orange.

Marmalade Interiors

Marmalade Interiors

I am so excited to try out some of these colours. Is there a colour you love but are afraid to use???


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