Big and Bold

I am almost ready for my big moroccan motif wall reveal! It has taken a while to complete because well I am a busy woman. šŸ˜›

But in the meantime I thought I’d share this blog find.

Gorgeous Shiny Things took painting a wall to a whole new level with this gutsy project. And it turned out incredible!

No this is not wallpaper, she DREW this Chiang Mai with a grid. Talk about talent!

Gorgeous Shiny Things

I”m not sure I am as brave to try this out, but it’s fun to look at right?



Filed under Chinoiserie Chic

2 responses to “Big and Bold

  1. Oh my word. I’m speechless! Chiang Mai fever just swept over me all over again. Also, in reference to the post above, I too am obsessed with turquoise foo dogs. They are like crack to me, I can’t get enough! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! -Evie

  2. I know I wish I could get some of that chiang mai for some pillow cases! I”m hoping to pick up some foo dogs at Home Sense.

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