Pattern Power

I am just itching for the weekend to start!

And tomorrow at 2pm I”ll be doing the happy dance because that’s when it will begin.

Although I should be resting and relaxing, I’ll be busy with home projects. But I don’t mind because it will be fun.

A couple projects include painting the office (FINALLY), finishing my Moroccan motif and dropping off the supplies for my tufted headboard. Yayyyy!!

Meanwhile I’ve been hitting the thrift and also high end shops to find inspiration and ideas.

I”m loving vibrant patterns right now.

There’s so much you can do with these fabrics.

High Fashion Home

High Fashion Home

I dream of turning these into pillow cases and quirky chair covers.


I saw these cute ones at Homesense and I was SO tempted to buy them!



Since my bedroom is also undergoing a transformation, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for pretty fabrics, blankets, etc.

I also have the very functional, but fairly boring Ikea bookshelf in my office. I’ve been trying to think of ways to add a little pizzazz and I think I found one solution.

Instead of dealing with sticky glue and expensive wallpaper, I can get some fancy schmancy looking fabrics and put them BEHIND my shelves!!

High Fashion Home

A nail and a hammer is all it takes.



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