Gallery Walls

The office is really starting to take shape now.

To add a little ommph to the Ikea bookshelf, I thought why not add an art display from top to cieling.

Here’s my inspiration.

the Decorista

Elle Decor


This is my gallery wall. I painted the frames, navy blue, turquoise and white to add some pop against the white walls.

Mirrors are a good way to make the room feel brighter.

Italia is my favourite place to visit, so I couldn’t resist this map.

And this guy taking a snooze, would fit in perfectly in a Tuscan village.

I’m hoping to add some more of my art and other interesting pictures that I”ve taken to other art niches around the house. Next time I go visit my parents I”m going to rummage around in the boxes of my stuff (to my Mom’s relief) to see if there are any interesting prints or pics that I can frame.

Anything can become art if you love it!



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2 responses to “Gallery Walls

  1. Sadna

    Is the painting of the man snoozing for sale..

  2. Sorry I find it hard to part with my paintings!

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