Design 101

Many of you might be scratching your head, asking yourself what the heck is she talking about, whenever I mention Chinoiserie or any other design related words.

I know my husband just laughs and says, “Stop saying these foo foo words!”

So I thought I’d give you a little break down of some common terms.

Hollywood Regency:  It’s all about old Hollywood glam.  Velvets, silks, ornate mirrors,  bamboo accents, mirrored furniture, fainting settees and all things lacquered. Hollywood Regency brought bright colours to movie sets, even though in the past, movies were black and white.  Visit antique and thrift shops to find vintage pieces that will give your room a look from the glamorous era.  Think Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler.

Greek Key:   In the 19th century many sites in ancient Greece were being excavated.  This was then incorporated into design. Now you can see it on anything from furniture to pillows.

Chinoiserie: A French term meaning Chinese-esque.  This style has been around since the seventeenth century. It usually involves fanciful images of China, porcelain and lacquered furniture and decor.


Shabby Chic: A design style which started in England. It  involves funiture that shows signs of age.  The distressed look can also be given to new items to give it an appearance of an antique.  Linens and cottons inspired by old French fabrics are prefered.  Whites and pastels work well with this design style.

The overall effect is very elegant and feminine.

My favourite is definitely Hollywood Regency. For some reason I am drawn to stories from the past. This style reminds me of the romance and glamour of the old Hollywood stars.  They were so chic!  Room by room I am taking my home into the 1930s and 1940s.

What’s your favourite style?


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  1. Sadna

    Thanks for the design info!

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