Foo Foo

I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but I am seriously in LOVE with foo dogs.


I kept running into various shades of these little guys everywhere I went, but to my disappointment I never bought any. Now that I want to get my hands on some, I can’t seem to find them.

No offense to the pet lovers out there, but I’m not even a dog person.

Still there’s something about these Chinoiserie beauties that brings in a touch of the ancient and exotic.

Can you spy them in this gorgeous room?

And they come in all kinds of shades.

They look right at home on bookshelves, guarding your precious treasures.

The pop of the turquoise against the black is A-MA-ZING!! I am soooo tempted to paint a wall black now. After I find a foo dog that is.


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One response to “Foo Foo

  1. My dad gave my mother a foo foo dog for Christmas. I grew up in Calgary!

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