So Wish I Had This Room

I don’t consider myself a complete girly girl. I mean I do love painting my nails and doing my hair.

But I was not all about wearing pink and dresses as a kid. I liked to ride my bike and search for frogs in the ponds instead.

But lately I just can’t seem to get enough of pink. A soft, feminine pink that feels so very romantic.

I wish sooo badly that I could have painted my office this colour, but I really don’t think my husband would have been onboard. Usually I can get my way when it comes to design stuff in the house, but this is one request he would have squashed quickly!

This is not the little girl pink of the past with ballerinas and ponies. This hue is all grown up and classy.

I”m in love… sigh.

What do you think of pink? Would you paint a room pink?



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2 responses to “So Wish I Had This Room

  1. Dara

    A pink-ish gray would be my choice of a pink tone. The hanger with the name designed into it can be ordered online (I was at a bridal shower and it was one of the gifts) 🙂

  2. Pinkish grey is beautiful!

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