You might call it, T.O., the 4-1-6, T dot or T Dot-O-Dot. But for me Toronto was just home.

And now I am counting down the minutes till I get onto a plane and head back to OHHH CAAAAANNNAAADAAA. I can’t wait!

I’m so exicted to spend time with my family and roam around my old town.

There are so many things that I love about Toronto. I went to university there, lived and worked there, met my husband there and even got married there!

So I’m really looking forward to checking out the downtown again and seeing what new little shops have opened.

There’s really so much to explore in the city, but here are some of my favourites.

The Skyline. There’s nothing like seeing the CN Tower all lighted up as you approach the city. And the sparkling reflection of all the buildings on Lake Ontario.

It’s so much fun to wander the busy streets on a warm summer day. There’s so many shops. I might sound like a bit of a snob, but I really think that the people of Toronto know how to dress well!

Toronto is arguably the most multicultural city in the world. There’s Little Italy, Chinatown, Little India, Greektown, the list goes on. You can dine on pretty much any world cuisine and explore nearly every country right in this City.

I am hoping to find some fun decor goodies when I’m there.

Architecture. Toronto has many beautiful historic buildings and lovely older homes. I”m sure it’s a nightmare to update these residences, but they sure do have a tonne of character.

Ahhhh now I am even more anxious to get home. I’ll be taking pics of all my adventures in the city and will try to post while I”m there.

I’ll also be meeting with many fellow bloggers at the Canadian Design Blogger Meetup. It will be so nice to chit chat with others who share my passion for design and to pick their brains. hehe.

Talk to you all soon!



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2 responses to “T.O.

  1. Sadna

    Yep..we love it here too! Plus there will be lots of bollywood action this weekend!

  2. Roop

    Awww u made me miss home.

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