Canada Style

I’mmmmm baaaaccckkkk!!

I had a great time in T.O. and now I”m back and ready to blog. I feel a bit out of the loop after a week of vacation.

But in between spending time with the fam, I did manage to squeeze in some treasure hunting true North style.

My sister was nice enough to take me to a big resale warehouse that we use to drop off our old books and toys to when we were kids.

I hadn’t been there in YEARS and all I can say is that if I lived close to this place I would end up buying so much stuff!

I guess no one has caught on about the fantastic finds in this place, because the prices were dirt cheap.

I instantly fell for this brass bamboo etagere and although it wasn’t on sale, I would have bargained for it if I had a way to fit it into my suitcase!

It would be the perfect home for my books and trinkets.

This armchair was a mere $25!!! I’ve said it once and I”ll say it again, I NEED to learn how to reupholster.

All it needed was a women’s touch to glam it up.

As I rummaged through the store, my sister started waving me over. She had spotted THIS.

We both stood there in shock, such beautiful lines and an even better price! $50 and this tufted settee was all ours.

My sister started hatching plans to get it home and sneak it into the basement without my parents noticing. But after some thought she let it pass.

I again was day dreaming about how a coat of paint and rich fabric would turn this into a hollywood regency gem.

My sister and I had plans to check out the fabric district and some fun little glass knob and pull stores too, but we didn’t get the time. It’s fun to look for design deals, but it’s even better when you can share the excitement with someone else.

Thanks Alisha!



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2 responses to “Canada Style

  1. Alisha

    HAHA the adventures we went on were awesome! I especially loved the store downtown with all the unique chandeliers, model forms and cameras! We’ll have to go back soon!

  2. I actually saw this same store on Sarah 101 on HGTV the other day!

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