Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last little while.

But I’ve still been snooping around for design inspiration!

One of my guilty pleasures is the Bachelorette (not a huge fan of this season though). It may seem an odd place to look for design and decor ideas. But there was one past Bachelorette that is also a design star.

Interior Designer and former Bachelorette contestant Jillian Harris recently appeared on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

I just love her cute little Vancouver apartment. It looks so cozy!

This quirky Canadian has some helpful design tips.

Antiquing: Jillian says it’s the perfect way to spend time with the family. Look for older pieces that you can re-invent in a week. Painting and replacing old hardware are quick fixes. “Reuse and repurpose — it’s environmentally conscious and unique!” says Jillian.

In My Own Style

Patterns: Add floral throw cushions to a neutral sofa to add a little attitude. Or if you are brave, re-upholster a chair in a bold pattern.

Create original artwork: Frame old postcards, pictures, momentos in shadow boxes. Jillian picked up some postcards from a street artist in Spain and had them framed. “I paid $3 for the postcard, spent $150 on framing and it looks like a $5,000 piece of art.”

Let your personality shine: Don’t just try to imitate a magazine says Jillian. Get pieces that reflect your life, even if that means a very eclectic look.


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