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What do you think about accent walls? Is it a yay or a nay?

I’m never totally sure how I feel about them. I think they are a no no if you do it in every room of the house. But lately I have been on board with the idea of a solitary accent wall in my home office because of the wall colour I initially picked, which now definitely needs to go!

I have been trying to get use to the orange wall, I thought I’d like it.

But after passing it every morning, it still has not won me over.

So after dropping some hints that the colour wasn’t working and that I might want to change it, the hubster was nice enough to offer to paint over the current hue. And I’m so glad he did, because I am feeling pretty pooped and I will be ever so grateful the he did it sans me. hehe.

So now I”m back to the colour hunt and I”m thinking a black or rich grey accent wall. For some reason I am in cocoon, hibernate mode lately, even though it’s blazing hot here! I just want a room that makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I go in it.

As much as I love colour, I think I would rather infuse the room with it through unique accessories and furniture instead of putting it on the walls.


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My husband just accused me of being into fashion and girly. Hmmm I didn’t know these were bad things??

Ironically I got on the computer after his little comment and found Armonia Decors. Designer Emily Ruddo, seems to be all about fun and feminine too.

All these looks seem to have lots and lots of pink. Nothing wrong with that!

Pink is for big kids too you know. Would you go bold and add pink to your room?

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The thing I love about having a subscription to design mags is that they keep me up-to-date with great designers and give me inspiration for my own home.

When I was in Canada last time, I picked up the Style at Home special issue of 100+ Best Designer Secrets. And it seems like everytime I open this magazine I encounter something new.

This time it was Yanic Simard of the Toronto Interior Design Group. Not only is he easy on the eyes, so are his rooms.

He got my attention right away with this closet. Ah what a dream!!

I like the use of the neutral backdrop with pops of colourful chairs, pillows and flowers.

Yanic’s style is very classy and sophisticated. It reminds of Montreal, where he grew up. Wish I was there right now, wandering the cobble stone streets.

What do you think of this style???

In other news, I’m starting to feel better now, so I’m hoping to get back on board with all my various projects and I also have a really exciting announcement coming soon!

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Being that I”m from Canada, but now living in the U.S. I still like to keep check on what is going on in the Great White North.

And there really are plenty of creative designers there.

I recently came across Jessica Kelly. Her style is soothing because of the neutral palette.

Jessica shared some tips to achieve her look in Style at Home Magazine.

1. Don’t restrict yourself to small furniture in small spaces.

2. Break Tradition. You don’t have to use a traditional dining table in a dining room space. If you entertain frequently, a bar height table would work well.

3. Push Boundaries. Wallpapered feature walls add pop. If you aren’t comfortable with making bold choices, flip through design mags and blogs to see what looks good.

4. Mix Styles: Pair feminine features with clean lined masculine.

5. Choose wisely. Just pick a few statement pieces and keep everything else simple.

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Looking for an Imperial Trellis pillowcase, a unique print or a chandelier?

Etsy has pretty much got you covered.

I love snooping around on this site when I get time. It’s a place where creative minds converge. Lately I’ve been on this whole chandelier fix since I am working on my own for the kitchen area (I’ll reveal soon).

Here’s what Etsy had to offer.

If this bamboo regency chandy wasn’t $500 I would buy it RIGHT NOW!

There’s also nice chandelier related sparklers on Etsy too. I can just picture this necklace with skinney jeans and a nice white top.

Have you made any fabulous finds on Etsy lately?

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I am pretty excited today because I was chosen as the winner of a fabulous Peggy Wolf print giveaway from Bijou and Boheme.

This is one of my favourite blogs because it is full of pretty, feminine ideas for your home. If you havn’t visited, be sure you do!!

Here’s the print I won.

Peggy Wolf

I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for it.

Now I’m tempted to pick up one of these other vintage looking prints.

Peggy Wolf

Peggy Wolf

Peggy Wolf

Peggy Wolf

Peggy Wolf

Peggy Wolf

These beauties would look gorgeous on a gallery wall or just standing alone.

Check out Peggy’s Etsy shop so these prints can grace your walls too.

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Who doesn’t love some pretty beads? They are just so feminine on a necklace or dress.

Gemma Comas

Even just displaying shimmery beads makes a room feel more girly.

Centsational Girl

After a recent trip to a favourite childhood bead shop, my interest in beads increased. I realised they aren’t just good to deck out a nice outfit. They can also be added to many DIY projects and add sparkle to everyday items.

Gus + Lula

This isn’t some fancy schmanzy expensive chandelier, even though it looks like one. Blogger Gus + Lula actually made it from a hanging garden basket!

My office still needs a chandy and this project is ever so tempting. But I think I need to finish my current bead project first. I”ll show you guys when I”m done with it.

Wander into your local bead shops and most likely they will be filled with little buttons as well. Or maybe you have tonnes lying around in a box somewhere at home. I like how Jenny over at the Little Green Notebook, framed up her grannies vintage buttons.

Little Green Notebook

If you see any beads you like, but don’t know what to do with them, maybe you could frame them up like this too, to add a little glam to the walls.

A perfect project for a rainy day, if we ever did get any rain here in hot, hot, HOT, Texas!

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