I was shopping around today for a gift for someone else and of course I ended up buying something for myself instead!!

It was a really vintage looking foo dog for $12!!

Kind of looked like this sucker.

Which is perfect since my home office is going for this whole white, turquoise, orange, chinoiserie theme.

So the dog, got me thinking….are the seventies making a comeback?

I feel like I keep seeing it everywhere.

Emily Henderson just recently did this 70s funky elegance style makeover.

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson

What I liked about this makeover is that she took tid bits of the owners actual stuff and incorporated it into this room. Sometimes you don’t need to get rid of everything you have, it just needs a little update.

These are some funky 70s items that will make you feel really groovy.

So if you see any of these vintage items while hitting the garage sales and flea markets, don’t let them pass you by!!

Do you have any items at home that you can’t seem to figure out what to do with? Shoot me an email at glamathome@gmail.com and I can come up with some design plans to turn your room from glum to glam!


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