Yesterday was my lounge day. I caught up on a few errands (fun, fun) and of course did a little DIY education.

For me that means either visiting my various favourite blogs, which I’ll tell you guys about in a future post, or catching up on some HGTV.

Sarah 101 was on and I liked the way she took a square shaped dining room from boring to bling!

Sarah Richardson

My dining room ended up being converted into an office instead, so I improvised and made my kitchen eat in area, more dining room-like. The chandelier is a work in progress, but again that is for future discussion.

Back to the chairs though…I gave the brown uglies a lift with rich, grey, velvet fabric, a coat of white paint and some shiny nails.

Check out the Frumpy to Fab and and Glam in my Home sections to see some of my handywork.

What I couldn’t do to my chairs was add a layer of fabric on the backs, like Sarah did. I like this idea, depending of course on the style chair you have because it adds instant drama as soon as you walk into the room.

Avram Rusu Interiors

Honey & Fitz

Samantha Pynn

Samantha Pynn

Mona Ross Berman Interiors

Dining chairs are just one of those furniture pieces that are easy to transform on a fairly reasonable budget depending on the cost of the fabric. Or you could just pay someone to do it. But let me tell you, it’s MUCH more fun when you can brag to your friends LOOKIE what I did!


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  1. Sadna

    Love all the unique ideas to dress up chairs!

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