Who doesn’t love some pretty beads? They are just so feminine on a necklace or dress.

Gemma Comas

Even just displaying shimmery beads makes a room feel more girly.

Centsational Girl

After a recent trip to a favourite childhood bead shop, my interest in beads increased. I realised they aren’t just good to deck out a nice outfit. They can also be added to many DIY projects and add sparkle to everyday items.

Gus + Lula

This isn’t some fancy schmanzy expensive chandelier, even though it looks like one. Blogger Gus + Lula actually made it from a hanging garden basket!

My office still needs a chandy and this project is ever so tempting. But I think I need to finish my current bead project first. I”ll show you guys when I”m done with it.

Wander into your local bead shops and most likely they will be filled with little buttons as well. Or maybe you have tonnes lying around in a box somewhere at home. I like how Jenny over at the Little Green Notebook, framed up her grannies vintage buttons.

Little Green Notebook

If you see any beads you like, but don’t know what to do with them, maybe you could frame them up like this too, to add a little glam to the walls.

A perfect project for a rainy day, if we ever did get any rain here in hot, hot, HOT, Texas!


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