What do you think about accent walls? Is it a yay or a nay?

I’m never totally sure how I feel about them. I think they are a no no if you do it in every room of the house. But lately I have been on board with the idea of a solitary accent wall in my home office because of the wall colour I initially picked, which now definitely needs to go!

I have been trying to get use to the orange wall, I thought I’d like it.

But after passing it every morning, it still has not won me over.

So after dropping some hints that the colour wasn’t working and that I might want to change it, the hubster was nice enough to offer to paint over the current hue. And I’m so glad he did, because I am feeling pretty pooped and I will be ever so grateful the he did it sans me. hehe.

So now I”m back to the colour hunt and I”m thinking a black or rich grey accent wall. For some reason I am in cocoon, hibernate mode lately, even though it’s blazing hot here! I just want a room that makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I go in it.

As much as I love colour, I think I would rather infuse the room with it through unique accessories and furniture instead of putting it on the walls.


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