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Growing up, we always had Indian fabrics from Gujarat, where my family is from, in our home. And today I like to incorporate my culture into my design.

And even though John Robshaw isn’t from the East, he still says he caught the “Asia bug” after going to India to find indigo dye for his paintings.

While there he discovered the local artisans making printed and woven textiles in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Since then he has brought us his line of pillows and fabrics.

John Robshaw

John Robshaw

Imagine them next to his intricately carved headboard.

John Robshaw

At a touch of exotic to your next party with this pretty card.

John Robshaw

And take a seat on this bone inlay chair.

John Robshaw

Robshaw not only picks up pieces from India, but also Vietnam, Cambodia, Zimbabwe and Bolivia.

He says that by working with artisans abroad, he is able to become part of their lives. They invite him to weddings and festivals.

Sounds like a great adventure!

Where are you hoping to travel next?

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High fashion queen of the hollywood regency look, Kelly Wearstler is delving into the world of clothing and accessories.

It makes sense since the designer has made it onto Vogue’s best-dressed list.

Wearstler says her influence in interior design comes from fashion and jewelry and I must say this kitchen does look like a sparkling gem!

Kelly Wearstler

The key to her look is to buy unique pieces that aren’t all from the same shop. Wearstler says this will end up making your house boring.

She also says for added drama, paint the ceilings.

My question is How does she do it all and still look so fab? It’s a question that pops in my mind as the arrival of my own little bundle of joy gets closer and closer.

Wearstler says her priority number one is family. So she wakes up at 5:30am (eeeekkkkk) to workout, take her boys to school and then work in the afternoon and be home again by dinner with the family.

All while looking super glam!

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There’s only a few movies that I can watch more than once. The Wizard of Oz is one of them.

So when I saw a headline about those famous ruby red slippers, I had to know more.

Dorothy’s famous shoes are going up for auction in December and some estimate they will be worth a pretty penny of two to three million buckaroos!

The shimmery reds from the 1939 film just have a few scuffs on them.

Hearing about this brought about my whole “wish I was a fly on the wall” thing. I always think it would be fun to jump in a time machine and go back in history. Maybe check out an old hollywood film set.

Where it was all about the rouge lips and nails.

Susan Hayward

This time in movie magic inspired the whole Hollywood Regency look which I am alllll about!

It would be fun to use these pieces to add a punch of colour to a room.

1st dibs


Dorothy Draper

If you want to know how to add a touch of glam to your home, contact me at

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Being preggers, you end up trying to find an excuse to plop yourself on the sofa as much as possible. This weekend was no exception.

So I was able to catch a special about the making of the new HGTV magazine on the tube this Saturday.


Although I’m not a fan of every show and find some of the designs to be a little too big box store-ish, I was still intrigued. There have been some room reveals that have caught my attention.

So when this mag hits the newstands in early October I will probably pick it up out of sheer curiousity and hopefully will end up liking it! Will you be reading?

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This image gave me a chuckle. In my down time, I’m usually blogging, so I probably have fallen behind on some other house chores from time to time. Oppss!!

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In between running errands yesterday, I decided to make a pit stop at a local resale shop. I was just looking for some picture frames for another project I’ve had on the brain. But instead I ended up spotting this:

It was really tough to walk away, especially since it was only $30. The Greek Key style design had my attention and I was wondering how to fit it into my car. Plus I didn’t know if I needed a sofa table, but I know it would look super chic.

There’s just something about Greek Key that gets me every time.

Oscar de la Renta

I’m having one of those lazy days, but this $30 table is still in the back of my mind. Do you think I should go buy it? Hopefully no one else has snagged it!

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A friend of mine wants to re-do her room. So we have been brainstorming to figure out just the right layout for her new place of relaxation.

The key was to get comfort, style and peace of mind all in one place.

One option was to put the bed against a backdrop of white curtains.

Option two sets up a seating area for Mom and baby to spend time reading.

Which do you prefer?

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Just a little update on the whole Chinoiserie look I was talking about yesterday.

I happened to visit Gorgeous Shiny Things today and I nearly fainted when I saw this FANTABULOUS pagoda O’verlay!

Gorgeous Shiny Things

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Do some things make you go yuck and others make you go oh wow! Most of the time I can’t really explain why I am drawn to a particular clothing stlyle, work of art or a design style. I just know that it simply works for me.

One of those things that I’m always drawn to is Chinese Chippendale. No I’ve never been to China, but something about this furniture style calls to me.

It so easily fits into the whole Hollywood glam look that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Here’s a little nerdy background info for you about the Chinese Chippendale look. It was created by English furniture designer Thomas Chippendale. This furniture craze started off in the mid 18th century and uses the architectural detail from Asian temples, palaces and pavilions. Think faux bamboo, latticework and pagodas.

Today you can find it on pretty much anything from mirrors and wallpaper to tables and chairs.



The whole reason I was reminded how much I am obsessed with this look, is because yesterday during a trip to my favourite resale shop, I saw something fairly close to this dining set. Of course it wasn’t a bright red, but instead just brown. But I started daydreaming about what kinds of colours would give it a new jolt of life.

Ohh and I just discovered another FABULOSO overlay on Gorgeous Shiny Things.

Gorgeous Shiny Things

Right now I am staying away from spray painting since I don’t want to inhale any fumes that would hurt the little peanut, but once he or she arrives, I’ll be getting my hands on this pagoda overlay and getting this sucker onto a blah piece of furniture.

I’m also on the hunt for two faux bamboo nightstands that I can butt together and put a mirrored piece of glass on top to make it look like one long dresser for the office to store all the bills and other ugly fugly stuff.

I’m hoping I’ll luck out on Craigs or at Goodwill.

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Now that my little baby bump is growing, I am starting to brainstorm ideas for the new addition to the family.

I’ve always been interested in history and our family tree. My parents and sister live in Canada. But all my extended family lives in England and my husband’s lives in India.

I thought the perfect way to introduce the little one to these faces, was through a family three.

There’s a tall wall halfway up the stairs, which would be the perfect spot to somehow re-create a tree with pictures.

My Dad has some really classic black and white pictures of his parents. His Dad wearing a crisp suit, sporting a small moustache, popular at the time. He even has a picture of his great grandfather. I’d love to dig around and see what I can find out about my husband’s family too.

Silhouettes are a unique way to change up the traditional family tree.

You can learn how to do this yourself here.

I know my Dad had silhouettes made of my sister and I when we were kids and hopefully they are stashed somewhere in a box at home!

The only problem I have with this project is that I can’t get onto a ladder right now, so my DIY abilities are fairly limited. Once again I’ll have to get the hubsters to help me out on this one!

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