Was this long weekend meant for relaxing? I don’t think I got the memo.

I finally decided to tackle the office and it is starting to look soooo much better now!! Woohoo!! The ugly orange is gone (atleast on one side). I will finish up this project next weekend, but wanted to give you a quick look at what I have been sweating over today. Please excuse the blue tape!

On top of painting, I also totally rearranged the gallery wall. And I”m so excited that I was able to add this fab print that I won on Bijou and Boheme!

Now I just want to finish up the other wall, get some funky faux bamboo drawers to stash away all the many papers, get a new chandelier and cover up my cork boards with this fabric from Waverly. Ahhhh I”m getting really excited about the final product and I feel like my design mojo is back!


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  1. Sadna

    I love the way you framed the print Rina..looks very chic!

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