So I can finally get to the big news!!

I am expecting baby number one and I am really overjoyed!

Although I don’t yet know if it is a boy or a girl, my head is already swirling with thoughts of how to create a cozy nursery for my little peanut. Well and for me, seeing as I’ll be spending a lot of time in there.

There are so many beautiful nursery ideas in the blogosphere and I just pulled some of my favourites.

Honey & Fitz did this whole room and I’m loving pretty much everything about it. I am hoping to score a nice comfy chair that I can relax in with baby.

Honey & Fitz

An old dresser can easily be converted into a baby change table, with a coat of paint, new knobs and a change pad up top.

Honey & Fitz

The idea of a chevron wall, makes my heart sing, but I think I’ll go crazy trying to re-create this look myself.

House of Thirty Six

This one from Lay Baby Lay is just too cute. The idea of having a wall collage of the family tree is a great way to introduce your little love to family on both sides.

Lay Baby Lay

Clearly I”m a fan of soft grey. It works perfectly for a girl or a boy’s room and will grow with your child.

Lay Baby Lay

This rocking chair is so very chic, but my sister says, it won’t be comfortable. Booooo!!

Design Crisis

As you can see I could go on and on with nursery ideas. So I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest!

Design Crisis

Elements of Style




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  1. so exciting! It must be a great feeling to begin a nursery design for your first baby!:) Congrats! :)))

  2. Yes it is!! Thank you. I love your blog!

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