Do some things make you go yuck and others make you go oh wow! Most of the time I can’t really explain why I am drawn to a particular clothing stlyle, work of art or a design style. I just know that it simply works for me.

One of those things that I’m always drawn to is Chinese Chippendale. No I’ve never been to China, but something about this furniture style calls to me.

It so easily fits into the whole Hollywood glam look that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Here’s a little nerdy background info for you about the Chinese Chippendale look. It was created by English furniture designer Thomas Chippendale. This furniture craze started off in the mid 18th century and uses the architectural detail from Asian temples, palaces and pavilions. Think faux bamboo, latticework and pagodas.

Today you can find it on pretty much anything from mirrors and wallpaper to tables and chairs.



The whole reason I was reminded how much I am obsessed with this look, is because yesterday during a trip to my favourite resale shop, I saw something fairly close to this dining set. Of course it wasn’t a bright red, but instead just brown. But I started daydreaming about what kinds of colours would give it a new jolt of life.

Ohh and I just discovered another FABULOSO overlay on Gorgeous Shiny Things.

Gorgeous Shiny Things

Right now I am staying away from spray painting since I don’t want to inhale any fumes that would hurt the little peanut, but once he or she arrives, I’ll be getting my hands on this pagoda overlay and getting this sucker onto a blah piece of furniture.

I’m also on the hunt for two faux bamboo nightstands that I can butt together and put a mirrored piece of glass on top to make it look like one long dresser for the office to store all the bills and other ugly fugly stuff.

I’m hoping I’ll luck out on Craigs or at Goodwill.


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