High fashion queen of the hollywood regency look, Kelly Wearstler is delving into the world of clothing and accessories.

It makes sense since the designer has made it onto Vogue’s best-dressed list.

Wearstler says her influence in interior design comes from fashion and jewelry and I must say this kitchen does look like a sparkling gem!

Kelly Wearstler

The key to her look is to buy unique pieces that aren’t all from the same shop. Wearstler says this will end up making your house boring.

She also says for added drama, paint the ceilings.

My question is How does she do it all and still look so fab? It’s a question that pops in my mind as the arrival of my own little bundle of joy gets closer and closer.

Wearstler says her priority number one is family. So she wakes up at 5:30am (eeeekkkkk) to workout, take her boys to school and then work in the afternoon and be home again by dinner with the family.

All while looking super glam!


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