When I was 12, my parents took us to the Dominican Republic.

Back then Punta Cana really was a pristine place with barely any tourists. I spent pretty much every waking hour with a mask on, swimming around trying to find shells and pieces of coral.

Flash forward to last winter. I went back to the very same place and found that it had changed so much!

This time, we weren’t allowed taking anything found from under the sea, back home with us. The reason made perfect sense. All those beautiful shells and corals, break apart and form that gorgeous pink and white sand that we all associate with a tropical getaway.

So I happily left the shells where they are meant to be, but walked away with some great memories and some ideas of how to bring the sea to my home.

I spotted this mermaid at High Fashion Home and thought it was so cute! My name actually means Mermaid and my family thinks I must have been a fish in my last life since I love to be in the water.

Posh Living

Shadow boxes are a fun project and a great way to display any collections.


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  1. sadna

    good memories

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