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There are a few common decorating mistakes that are easy to fall for.

If you are looking to update your room, the first place you might go is a big box furniture stop. And that is just where the problem might start.

The best way to make a room unique is to pick up pieces from different places, instead of just buying a set. Yes it’s more work to go to numerous little shops and vintage dealers, but in the end you will be able to put together a room that is all your own.

So while it is ok to buy a sofa for instance from a big shop, try to bring in different lamps, tables, accent chairs from elsewhere.

Mixing is key!


All of these rooms have one thing in common, colour. Use colour to unite different looking pieces. And it will all still look like you got it together without looking like you just walked into a department store.


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There are so many cute themes for baby showers and baby rooms out there.

For mine I chose a baby whale theme. And if I was designing a room for my little guy I would work around a sea theme.

First I would start with a soothing palette.


Then add some fun accessories.

House of Turquoise




What theme would you use if you were creating a room from scratch?

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This shabby bench re-do was tiring work, but well worth it!

Here’s a look at the before. One year ago, we moved into our new home and I was on a crazy hunt (still am) for unique pieces that would liven up our space. I discovered this bench at a flea market for a crazy steal.

But I knew it needed work…which I kept putting off. I wanted to pick just the right colour.

First I had to flip the bench around and take out about 50 of these upholstery buttons.

Then the fun job of taking out alllllll of these staples. I wanted a very clean finish when I put the new fabric on top. Needless to say my hands are still hurting today.

After jabbing myself with the pliers a few times, it was time to burn my hands with the glue gun as I put the new velvet fabric on top, since it was too thick to snap back into the button.

Still the saying, “No pain, no gain” definitely applies here, because I am thrilled with the outcome!

I got so excited that I had to rush out to the store and get some pretty accent pillows to compliment my luxurious new bench.

When I picked this rich navy, I didn’t realize that it was all the rage right now.

I opened up my latest issue of Style at Home and found a spread about the colour. Then found this link today about how glam the colour is.

Would you go navy?

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I have always been a fan of blue, turquoise specifically. Maybe it’s the cooler weather, but lately I feel drawn to a rich, velvet navy blue. It just feels so warm and inviting.

So on that note I decided to take the plunge and finally reupholster the shabby looking bench at the foot of my bed.

I knew this thing had good bones, it just needed a major update. The fabric was looking very dull and the foam underneath….well.

So off to the fabric store I went to see what I could find. Initially (months ago) I was thinking of covering it with a magenta pink, but I don’t think the hubsters would have liked that very much. So now I”m set on the navy blue and I found just the right shade of it today!

It looks kinda like this.

Jonathan Adler

One Kings Lane

I figure since it’s just a bench, I can go bold on the colour and give it a nice impact in my already soothing, blue bedroom. But I am still in two minds about whether to keep the legs gold or paint them white???

If you are afraid of using too much colour in a room, just add one bright accessory and it will suddenly transform your room. I can’t wait to get to this project on the weekend!

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It could be the pregnancy or maybe I’m just a little piggy all year round, but there is something so delicious about fresh, homecooked food. And yes I’m talking vegetarian and in this case vegan.

Some of you may cringe at the thought of no meat and NO dairy. Maybe you think it’s all grass and no flavour. But Chef Chloe Coscarelli, winner of Cupcake Wars, has managed to make the world of vegan cuisine more appealing.

Just take a look at some of the dishes from her website and I’m positive she’ll have you drooling!

Mexicali Sliders

Creamy Pumpkin Penne

Fluffy Coconut Cupcakes

Red Velvet Icecream

Just imagine dishing out some of these tasty treats at your next party. Your guests won’t even realise what they are missing.

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Still have your old rock collection and wondering what to do with it?

Make a pretty display.


Or glue em onto some knobs and add instant pizzazz to a bland dresser.


What fun ways have you livened up your collections?

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