I have always been a fan of blue, turquoise specifically. Maybe it’s the cooler weather, but lately I feel drawn to a rich, velvet navy blue. It just feels so warm and inviting.

So on that note I decided to take the plunge and finally reupholster the shabby looking bench at the foot of my bed.

I knew this thing had good bones, it just needed a major update. The fabric was looking very dull and the foam underneath….well.

So off to the fabric store I went to see what I could find. Initially (months ago) I was thinking of covering it with a magenta pink, but I don’t think the hubsters would have liked that very much. So now I”m set on the navy blue and I found just the right shade of it today!

It looks kinda like this.

Jonathan Adler

One Kings Lane

I figure since it’s just a bench, I can go bold on the colour and give it a nice impact in my already soothing, blue bedroom. But I am still in two minds about whether to keep the legs gold or paint them white???

If you are afraid of using too much colour in a room, just add one bright accessory and it will suddenly transform your room. I can’t wait to get to this project on the weekend!


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