This shabby bench re-do was tiring work, but well worth it!

Here’s a look at the before. One year ago, we moved into our new home and I was on a crazy hunt (still am) for unique pieces that would liven up our space. I discovered this bench at a flea market for a crazy steal.

But I knew it needed work…which I kept putting off. I wanted to pick just the right colour.

First I had to flip the bench around and take out about 50 of these upholstery buttons.

Then the fun job of taking out alllllll of these staples. I wanted a very clean finish when I put the new fabric on top. Needless to say my hands are still hurting today.

After jabbing myself with the pliers a few times, it was time to burn my hands with the glue gun as I put the new velvet fabric on top, since it was too thick to snap back into the button.

Still the saying, “No pain, no gain” definitely applies here, because I am thrilled with the outcome!

I got so excited that I had to rush out to the store and get some pretty accent pillows to compliment my luxurious new bench.

When I picked this rich navy, I didn’t realize that it was all the rage right now.

I opened up my latest issue of Style at Home and found a spread about the colour. Then found this link today about how glam the colour is.

Would you go navy?


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