This week I decided it was time to hit a few of my favourite thrift shops. But I guess since it is holiday time, there were slim pickings!

Still I managed to find a few little tid bits that I would have liked to buy, if the prices were a bit more reasonable.

These footstools looked pretty shabby, but all they needed was a coat of paint and a fresh colour.

I would go for a bright blue. Problem is they were selling as a set and I didn’t want all three.

I also liked these shiney tea cups.

I could just picture them in a pretty tea party.

This coral chandelier was huge! But so was the pricetag.

Still it would give a crazy wow factor in any room.

And I spotted this vintage looking napkin holder. Or you could even use something this pretty to stash mail.

And these old phones were oozing old Hollywood glamour!



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  1. lisa

    I like the tea party idea. I want to take pictures of Nalini this summer having a tea party with her bears!

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