Sunday was not a day of rest for me. It was consumed by the desire to get this footstool project completed so I could rest my tired legs. Problem is doing this project made me feel even more tired!

But enough of that. After sanding and priming, I dug out this leftover Martha Stewart paint that I had from another project.

I just used a foam brush to paint on three separate coats. The colour is a cross between purple and black. Perfect for my living room decor.

Then the piping project started. I thought this might be fairly painless, but man was I wrong!

First off I had to cut the leftover fabric into a thin strip and add the no-sew fuse tape.

Iron on top to fasten the tape to the fabric.

This is how it should look after.

Then you cut off the excess fabric. I don’t claim to be a piping expert, so I thought I would glue the whole thing onto my footstool. The problem was that I ended up with glue all over!!

So I rummaged around the house and dug out some black velvet fabric that I had. I decided to glue it over the glue-y mess that I had made!

Problem number two was that I ran out of the trim and had to rush over to Joanne’s hoping and praying they would have more. I was not going to rest till this mission was complete!

Luckily I found what I needed and one of their staff even threw in a little diaper words of wisdom for me while I was there. So thanks to this shop, I was able to finish up this longer-than-I-thought piece.

And now I think it looks oh so pretty next to my grey, tufted sofa. I would have taken a pic of my feet resting up after all this hard work. But I don’t think anyone wants to see a pregnant lady’s feet right?!

Needless to say, this will certainly not be my last upholstery project, but I think I”ll look for pieces that don’t require piping next time!



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  1. sadna

    wow I love this, I might need one of these too

  2. Anupama das

    Wow Rinaaaaaa- I am soooo impressed- nothing new just saying 🙂

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