This weekend has just flown by. Mainly I’m fighting a cold, so I”m trying not to do too much, but still I couldn’t help but get one little thing done to liven up my bedroom decor.

I had this Cross Section fabric that I got from Hobby Lobby.

It was a great price, $8.99 for 1.5 yards! Initially I was going to reupholster a little vanity stool that I have in my bathroom. But then I just didn’t like the way my bedroom pillows looked. So I thought this would be a great pillow cover instead.

I had this brown one lying around upstairs.

First thing was to get the fuse tape out again. I have plenty lying around from Ikea curtains that I bought in the past. I had to fold over one side of the fabric and iron it down so that it would be a nice smooth edge.

I did this on all the edges except one, so that I had a little pocket for the pillow to go into.

Then I popped the pillow in and I tried to fuse that last side together with the tape. That didn’t work, so I just pulled out the needle and thread and sewed together that last side. I figured I can spot clean this pillow or throw it in the wash when it needs a cleaning.

I am so much happier with how it makes the bed look now!

I posted other pictures of this in the Glam in my Home section.

What kinds of projects did you work on this weekend? Send them my way at


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