Yet another day fighting the cold, but that didn’t stop me from being atleast a teeny tiny bit productive!

The closer I get to my maternity leave, the more I realise I need to get little tid bits done. This office project has been so long because I have been looking for the right pieces.

So yesterday on my way to the grocery store, I popped into Goodwill. I actually was looking for a dresser or two night tables which I could bump together to form one long dresser/credenza looking thingy. It would be a good way to store all the little papers that seem to add up in offices. Let’s face it, bills are inevitable!

Instead I came across this little number. I immediately picked it up for $1.99. It is a Syroco and at first I considered painting it white.

But once I got into the office, I realised that it looked cute as-is in the middle of my work-in-progress gallery wall.

Eventually I want to get this other Syroco number up too. I’m thinking it would be a nice contrast on the black wall. Just need to figure out what little knick knacks to display on it. Oh and I have to convince the hubster to drill some holes into the wall to put it up. He’s against drilling right now.

But I think it would look really nice with a few floating shelves like these that Nichole at Parlour used.


I also painted the matte for this frame black. I think it makes this art that I won on Bijou and Boheme pop all the more.

Now I just need to find a nice dresser. I’m thinking of getting an Ikea piece and transforming it with some O’Verlays

Amanda Carol Interiors

And maybe a pretty seating area? Loving this rich black headboard. This would look nice as a banquette in the kitchen area too. Ok now my wheels are really churning!!

Ah sooooo many projects so little time!


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