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I come across many designers and blogs. And although there are many great ones out there, this designer really blew my mind.

Ana Antunes lives in Portugal and has her own TV show. Sounds like a dream situation to me!

This is where clients come to meet with her to discuss their decorating dilemmas.

If I had an office this chic I would never leave!

This bedroom is simply yet so classy!

This combination of blues and mirror is so soothing.

Beautiful decor comes down to the fine details.

Mirrored ceiling!!!

I can’t even find one single aspect that I dislike about Ana’s styling. If I could put my design ideal into pictures, this would be it!

Now I am in the mood to hit the shops and do some crazy makeovers in my home!

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Sorry for the little lack of posts lately. I was on a mini vacay.

But I have big news.

I had been hiding this for a while now because I was waiting for it to become official, but I just had my first television segment on the Live Well Network and ABC 13 in Houston!!

I am pretty excited about getting a chance to chit chat about my design tips on the tube!!!

In my first piece I tell you how you can give your everyday items, new use.

Check out the story here.

I”ll definitely keep you all posted about any other upcoming stories.

For more tips and tricks email me at


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High fashion queen of the hollywood regency look, Kelly Wearstler is delving into the world of clothing and accessories.

It makes sense since the designer has made it onto Vogue’s best-dressed list.

Wearstler says her influence in interior design comes from fashion and jewelry and I must say this kitchen does look like a sparkling gem!

Kelly Wearstler

The key to her look is to buy unique pieces that aren’t all from the same shop. Wearstler says this will end up making your house boring.

She also says for added drama, paint the ceilings.

My question is How does she do it all and still look so fab? It’s a question that pops in my mind as the arrival of my own little bundle of joy gets closer and closer.

Wearstler says her priority number one is family. So she wakes up at 5:30am (eeeekkkkk) to workout, take her boys to school and then work in the afternoon and be home again by dinner with the family.

All while looking super glam!

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Being preggers, you end up trying to find an excuse to plop yourself on the sofa as much as possible. This weekend was no exception.

So I was able to catch a special about the making of the new HGTV magazine on the tube this Saturday.


Although I’m not a fan of every show and find some of the designs to be a little too big box store-ish, I was still intrigued. There have been some room reveals that have caught my attention.

So when this mag hits the newstands in early October I will probably pick it up out of sheer curiousity and hopefully will end up liking it! Will you be reading?

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This image gave me a chuckle. In my down time, I’m usually blogging, so I probably have fallen behind on some other house chores from time to time. Oppss!!

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My husband just accused me of being into fashion and girly. Hmmm I didn’t know these were bad things??

Ironically I got on the computer after his little comment and found Armonia Decors. Designer Emily Ruddo, seems to be all about fun and feminine too.

All these looks seem to have lots and lots of pink. Nothing wrong with that!

Pink is for big kids too you know. Would you go bold and add pink to your room?

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The thing I love about having a subscription to design mags is that they keep me up-to-date with great designers and give me inspiration for my own home.

When I was in Canada last time, I picked up the Style at Home special issue of 100+ Best Designer Secrets. And it seems like everytime I open this magazine I encounter something new.

This time it was Yanic Simard of the Toronto Interior Design Group. Not only is he easy on the eyes, so are his rooms.

He got my attention right away with this closet. Ah what a dream!!

I like the use of the neutral backdrop with pops of colourful chairs, pillows and flowers.

Yanic’s style is very classy and sophisticated. It reminds of Montreal, where he grew up. Wish I was there right now, wandering the cobble stone streets.

What do you think of this style???

In other news, I’m starting to feel better now, so I’m hoping to get back on board with all my various projects and I also have a really exciting announcement coming soon!

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Being that I”m from Canada, but now living in the U.S. I still like to keep check on what is going on in the Great White North.

And there really are plenty of creative designers there.

I recently came across Jessica Kelly. Her style is soothing because of the neutral palette.

Jessica shared some tips to achieve her look in Style at Home Magazine.

1. Don’t restrict yourself to small furniture in small spaces.

2. Break Tradition. You don’t have to use a traditional dining table in a dining room space. If you entertain frequently, a bar height table would work well.

3. Push Boundaries. Wallpapered feature walls add pop. If you aren’t comfortable with making bold choices, flip through design mags and blogs to see what looks good.

4. Mix Styles: Pair feminine features with clean lined masculine.

5. Choose wisely. Just pick a few statement pieces and keep everything else simple.

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When I went to Canada a month ago, I was looking forward to picking up a copy of Style at Home’s 100+ Best Designer Secrets Issue. If you subscribe like I do, you still didn’t get this one in the mail. It was a bit pricey ($8) but I gulped up every page of it!

The mag was full of pretty pics and insider tips on how to make your home chic.

Here’s some of them.

“Large-headed flowers like peonies, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums are fast and easy to arrange and you only need a few stems to fill a vase.”
~Margot Austin

“When styling your bookshelves, include more than books. Mix in a variety of items, such as boxes, baskets, framed artwork or photographs, vases, collections and candles. Your options are limitless-I often like to include a pretty handbag, depending on what room the shelves are in.”
~Ann Marie Favot

I thought it pretty clever when Martyn Lawrence Bullard put cluthes and heels in lucite boxes on floating shelves in Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon’s apartment on a recent episode of Million Dollar Decorators.

What an idea, why not get little clear boxes for your favourite mementos so you can showcase them instead of hiding them in a box. Maybe your baby’s first shoes or your old toy train. There are so many options!

Ok back to the designer tips.

“Never underestimate the power of paint. I’m always on the hunt for inexpensive objects that can easily be updated with a coat of paint.”
~Christine Hanlon

Honey & Fitz

“When it comes to accessories, I think vintage and one-of-a-kind are always best.”
~Margot Austin

“It’s all about pattern. Great prints in bright colours create visual interest in any space.”
~Catherine Therrien

“When in doubt, start with a neutral, then layer in pattern and colour. For the bedroom, a white duvet cover looks smashing and can be adorned with a vibrant coverlet and decorative pillows.”
~Tamara Robbins Griffith

Caitlin Wilson

“Creating interesting art-work can be inexpensive and easy. Try framing wallpaper, fabric remnants, or pages from books and magazines.”
~Catherine Therrien

I try to use all these ideas in my own home. And there are soooo many more, but I was just flipping through the magazine while I had my tea this morning. If I come across anymore good ones, I’ll definitely share!

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I got my white tufted headboard this weekend!!

In case you don’t remember, first I had that pretty, ornate gold one, but it just wasn’t comfy to lean back on.

So we got Jannet Howell of Simple Matters on board (no pun intended) and she came up with this beautiful piece.

I am no photographer extraordinaire.

I’m really enjoying relaxing in bed now with a good book, especially on a rainy day (if it ever rains here!)

Simple Matters takes older pieces of furniture, that are sometimes overlooked and makes them look brand new. She also makes brand new headboards. Her work was featured on the Live Well Network.

Her vanities, china cabinets and credenzas are not only functional but full of personality. I”ll have to keep her on speed dial in case I ever have any other pieces that need refinishing!

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