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This weekend has just flown by. Mainly I’m fighting a cold, so I”m trying not to do too much, but still I couldn’t help but get one little thing done to liven up my bedroom decor.

I had this Cross Section fabric that I got from Hobby Lobby.

It was a great price, $8.99 for 1.5 yards! Initially I was going to reupholster a little vanity stool that I have in my bathroom. But then I just didn’t like the way my bedroom pillows looked. So I thought this would be a great pillow cover instead.

I had this brown one lying around upstairs.

First thing was to get the fuse tape out again. I have plenty lying around from Ikea curtains that I bought in the past. I had to fold over one side of the fabric and iron it down so that it would be a nice smooth edge.

I did this on all the edges except one, so that I had a little pocket for the pillow to go into.

Then I popped the pillow in and I tried to fuse that last side together with the tape. That didn’t work, so I just pulled out the needle and thread and sewed together that last side. I figured I can spot clean this pillow or throw it in the wash when it needs a cleaning.

I am so much happier with how it makes the bed look now!

I posted other pictures of this in the Glam in my Home section.

What kinds of projects did you work on this weekend? Send them my way at


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Some quick updates. I couldn’t help myself…instead of resting, I did another project today.

Here’s a sneak peek.

I’ll show you how I made this pillow tomorrow.

Also check out the Dessert Buffet link to find the latest in sweet setups.

And tomorrow if you live in Houston, tune into ABC 13 at 10am to watch Deals for my latest tips!

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There are so many cute themes for baby showers and baby rooms out there.

For mine I chose a baby whale theme. And if I was designing a room for my little guy I would work around a sea theme.

First I would start with a soothing palette.


Then add some fun accessories.

House of Turquoise




What theme would you use if you were creating a room from scratch?

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Still have your old rock collection and wondering what to do with it?

Make a pretty display.


Or glue em onto some knobs and add instant pizzazz to a bland dresser.


What fun ways have you livened up your collections?

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As I always say, so many projects, so little time!

One that I havn’t yet tackled is wallpaper. And it’s not just for walls. You can put it on just about anything.

Studio Ten 25

A Day in My Life

Wallcovering can be pricey. So if you need to cut back, but still want to make a big impact in one room, you could use it in the powder room.

Or on a filing cabinet.

Design Sponge

Do you have any wallpapered rooms or items?

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A friend of mine wants to re-do her room. So we have been brainstorming to figure out just the right layout for her new place of relaxation.

The key was to get comfort, style and peace of mind all in one place.

One option was to put the bed against a backdrop of white curtains.

Option two sets up a seating area for Mom and baby to spend time reading.

Which do you prefer?

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Now that my little baby bump is growing, I am starting to brainstorm ideas for the new addition to the family.

I’ve always been interested in history and our family tree. My parents and sister live in Canada. But all my extended family lives in England and my husband’s lives in India.

I thought the perfect way to introduce the little one to these faces, was through a family three.

There’s a tall wall halfway up the stairs, which would be the perfect spot to somehow re-create a tree with pictures.

My Dad has some really classic black and white pictures of his parents. His Dad wearing a crisp suit, sporting a small moustache, popular at the time. He even has a picture of his great grandfather. I’d love to dig around and see what I can find out about my husband’s family too.

Silhouettes are a unique way to change up the traditional family tree.

You can learn how to do this yourself here.

I know my Dad had silhouettes made of my sister and I when we were kids and hopefully they are stashed somewhere in a box at home!

The only problem I have with this project is that I can’t get onto a ladder right now, so my DIY abilities are fairly limited. Once again I’ll have to get the hubsters to help me out on this one!

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