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A couple quick updates for you.

My next Live Well Network story will air January 21st in Houston and the week after that on the Live Well Network. You can check out my last story here.

I am also looking for clients who are interested in adding dessert buffets to their next event. I can come up with a theme and decor for your party and get all the sweets. Take a look at Dessert Buffets section to see updates of what I’m working on.

Also I wanted to bring your attention to the image on the left for the Million Moms Challenge. I know it’s not design or decor related, but it’s something that is important to me.

I caught a story on 20/20 about this and after seeing the segment, I was thanking my lucky stars for having my baby here in North America. Click on the link to learn more and help Moms around the world who aren’t as fortunate!

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When I was 12, my parents took us to the Dominican Republic.

Back then Punta Cana really was a pristine place with barely any tourists. I spent pretty much every waking hour with a mask on, swimming around trying to find shells and pieces of coral.

Flash forward to last winter. I went back to the very same place and found that it had changed so much!

This time, we weren’t allowed taking anything found from under the sea, back home with us. The reason made perfect sense. All those beautiful shells and corals, break apart and form that gorgeous pink and white sand that we all associate with a tropical getaway.

So I happily left the shells where they are meant to be, but walked away with some great memories and some ideas of how to bring the sea to my home.

I spotted this mermaid at High Fashion Home and thought it was so cute! My name actually means Mermaid and my family thinks I must have been a fish in my last life since I love to be in the water.

Posh Living

Shadow boxes are a fun project and a great way to display any collections.

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Maybe it’s the summer weather, but I”m really in the mood for Paris today.

It’s undeniably an expensive place to visit, but it’s architecture, romance and beauty make up for it.

Chéri Hérouard

Did I ever mention that I LOVE, am obsessed with the Phantom of the Opera. I was humming away the Music of the Night whenever I saw anything that reminded me of this haunting love story.

Fashion Diner

Whenever I”m in Paris or any other place in Europe, I feel inspired to paint and draw. The surrounding beauty just brings out your creative side.

Paris je t’aime!

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Summer Days

Walking around a busy city on a warm summer day is a lot of fun.

You never know what you’ll find.

My sister and I decided to head out to Queen West recently to check out the little decor shops.  This one has soooo many vintage looking chandeliers.

Since I”m in the midst of my chandelier update, I headed to Arton Beads and found some shimmery grey beads. I can’t wait to show you the finished product!

There’s so many cool shops in this end of town.

And pretty flower stalls. I doubt these peonies would survive in the HOT Texas summers.

Then we walked over to Chinatown. I was sooo tempted to buy one of these little Geisha dolls for my cutie dolly niece.

And there were so many paper lanters, I just didn’t know where I would hang them, but they would really jazz up a baby or bridal shower or even just a summer backyard party.

What kinds of discoveries have you made on a warm summer day?

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Summer Fun

Hello Everyone, hope you have been having a fabulous week so far!

I have been so busy on vacation, but just wanted to drop by and say hi.

Today I got a chance to explore little vintage shops. More on that to come.

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You might call it, T.O., the 4-1-6, T dot or T Dot-O-Dot. But for me Toronto was just home.

And now I am counting down the minutes till I get onto a plane and head back to OHHH CAAAAANNNAAADAAA. I can’t wait!

I’m so exicted to spend time with my family and roam around my old town.

There are so many things that I love about Toronto. I went to university there, lived and worked there, met my husband there and even got married there!

So I’m really looking forward to checking out the downtown again and seeing what new little shops have opened.

There’s really so much to explore in the city, but here are some of my favourites.

The Skyline. There’s nothing like seeing the CN Tower all lighted up as you approach the city. And the sparkling reflection of all the buildings on Lake Ontario.

It’s so much fun to wander the busy streets on a warm summer day. There’s so many shops. I might sound like a bit of a snob, but I really think that the people of Toronto know how to dress well!

Toronto is arguably the most multicultural city in the world. There’s Little Italy, Chinatown, Little India, Greektown, the list goes on. You can dine on pretty much any world cuisine and explore nearly every country right in this City.

I am hoping to find some fun decor goodies when I’m there.

Architecture. Toronto has many beautiful historic buildings and lovely older homes. I”m sure it’s a nightmare to update these residences, but they sure do have a tonne of character.

Ahhhh now I am even more anxious to get home. I’ll be taking pics of all my adventures in the city and will try to post while I”m there.

I’ll also be meeting with many fellow bloggers at the Canadian Design Blogger Meetup. It will be so nice to chit chat with others who share my passion for design and to pick their brains. hehe.

Talk to you all soon!


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Thank You Dad

I think many of us would argue that we have the best Dad.

Mine motivates me to follow my dreams, is a shoulder to cry on and is a constant source of happiness, inspiration, information and guidance.

As time goes by I realise more and more what a gift it is to have parents that love and support me.

So to all the great Dad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day!

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The weather is so gorgeous now, hot, but luckily for my hair, not humid.

So I thought I’d make the most of a recent sunny day and explore my new town.

There’s a cute little historical section with older homes, big trees and antique shops.

I enjoyed rummaging around in the older pieces, getting ideas for my home.

I thought this Geisha art would go pretty well with some of my soon-to-be revealed colour schemes.

But the real goal was to find some crystals for my chandelier re-do.

It would be so very fabulous to have this chandelier as seen in an Emily Henderson makeover, but I doubt I’m willing to shell out the cash for it. I just can’t resist a good DIY instead!

Emily Henderson

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Tres Belle

I was browsing through Canada House & Home today and I came across this fabulous looking pastry shop in Toronto.

Bobbette & Belle

Bobbette & Belle’s little patisserie reminds me of a little French cafe.

Bobbette & Belle

I love the way they have set up these pretty cakes as decor.

Bobbette & Belle

Bobbette & Belle


Bobbette & Belle

This vintage carosel cake is so cute.

I’m drawing inspiration from all the soft colours in these sweet treats.

I’ll definitely have to check it out next time I am in my hometown!

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Once Upon a Time

I am back from the out of town wedding. And even though I was busy, I still managed to find the time to watch some of the Royal wedding. My husband rolled his eyes, but I was watching history in the making and it was making me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Needless to say the union has caused the popularity of the monarchy to skyrocket.

The wedding was perfect and so very romantic.

And the dress!!  Designers the world over are scurrying around frantically trying to recreate this soft and classic Alexander McQueen number.

It was regal and modern all at once.  And bride’s to-be are probably figuring out where to get one like it.

I”m so relieved to hear that strapless wedding dress might finally be making an exit.  Arms covered with delicate lace is so lady-like.  Lace reminds me of all that is traditional and vintage.

Brocade Home

What do you think? Are you getting married soon and hoping to get a lacy and lovely dress?

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